Banaras Unplanned Artists Jam


Qeritica Art Gallery, Varanasi, Assi Ghat

Oneday interactive event in my direction. Unfinished first floor where is based Queritica Art Gallery was a gerat space for the exhibition and performances. After few days of preparation and decoration came the expected afternoon. We started with an inauguration and a collective mantra, than continued with concerts. Included was a zither player, band from Sri Lanka playing different drums, Izraeli folk singer. Indian boys danced classical Kathak dance, local as well as foreign artists exhibited statues, paintings and politically motivated prints. More paintings were made at the place together with a butter statue. I joined with wax paintings on glass and performed an improvised dance. At the end I did a short dance workshop for the audience followed by improvised singing. Healing teas and refreshments were served during the event.

Artists Jam 1.jpg Artists Jam 2.jpg Artists Jam 3.jpg Artists Jam 4.jpg Artists Jam 5.jpg Artists Jam 6.jpg Artists Jam 7.jpg Artists Jam 8.jpg Artists Jam 9.jpg Artists Jam 10.jpg Artists Jam 11.jpg Artists Jam 12.jpg Artists Jam 13.jpg Artists Jam 14.jpg Artists Jam 15.jpg Artists Jam 16.jpg Artists Jam 17.jpg Artists Jam 18.jpg

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