All souls


Brno Stará Líšeň, Ochoz u Brna, Kanice, Řícmanice, Bílovice nad Svitavou, Brno Židenice

An evening walk and spreading of All souls mood to villages around Brno. Collaboration of performance class students, together with me Klára Kleinerová and Aneta Jochimová took a part. Silently, all in black with an ashen faces we went through the villages, visiting their graveyards. We stopped in few pubs where without a word we ordered all the same drink which we silently drunk and then in the same silence left.

Dušičky1.jpg Dušičky3.jpg Dušičky2.jpg Dušičky4.jpg Dušičky6.jpg Dušičky9.jpg Dušičky7.jpg Dušičky8.jpg

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